Sunday, December 14, 2008

Baby #1 on the way!

We found out on Nov. 10th (6 months after we were married) that baby #1 is on the way! We are really excited. I will be extra excited when the 1st trimester is over. I'm told that the 24/7 nausea calms down after that. We started making a list of names but are open for suggestions.

Cabela's - Summer 2008

We went to Cabela's this summer with Bobby and Helena. I had never been there before so it was fun being there for the first time. Willie really liked this moose chair. While we were there we watched the fish get fed. It was a little shocking when I saw a bunch of pretty gold fish get dumped in and immediately ripped apart and devoured by the bigger fish. We took a picture of one of the fish because it was all deformed. It looks ridiculous.

Twins at Royals - 8 Aug 2008

In August we took a trip to Missouri. While we were there we went to a Twins/Royals game. I (Bethany) thoroughly enjoyed the game because the Twins won. It was also "buck night" ($1 hot dogs, drinks, and peanuts) and Friday night fireworks. We had a great time.

Fishin' - Summer 2008

We decided that fishing was going to be a summer hobby for us. We tried to catch a fish all summer. Finally, someone from my (Bethany) old work told me where we could actually catch something.
Ceri(sister), Melissa(cousin), Ryan(nephew) and the two of us went and gave it a try. The trip was a success. We had someone take a picture to document the occasion that we actually caught a fish in Utah.

Bean Museum - Summer 2008

On our first date we went to the Bean Museum on BYU campus. The museum has animals on display from all over the world. Since then we've been back quite a few times. These are some of our favorite animals there.