Sunday, June 28, 2009

Trial and Error of the Solar Powered Plane

My good friend, Kevin Hoopes, and I have been working together on a remote-controlled solar powered airplane. The project is sponsored by BYU. Kevin was kind enough to inform me about the project and let me join in the experience. We've both learned a lot.
We are in charge of making the wings from the molds we've been provided and attaching them onto the fuselage, and minimizing weight of course. The plane has a wingspan of about 17 feet and will probably weigh around 30 pounds. Just recently we've made a few carbon fiber panels. They're very strong but we're still looking for other ways to reduce weight. Here's a picture of Kevin trimming the carbon fiber before it goes into the oven to cure.

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Tess said...

So he really IS working on the plane and this isn't some excuse to spend more time away from me! :) Thanks for the great picture!