Sunday, June 6, 2010

Canyonlands National Park!!!

We went on a 5 day camping trip over Memorial weekend with my nephew. This park is beautiful, I highly recommend it.

Paul's first camping trip.
Best Camping Baby!
The people in the campsite next to us heard Paul laughing and talking and said he had the best camping baby ever:)

Cookin over the fire.
You'll never find a camp stove in our site.

This was just south of Moab on the side of the road.

Hiking to the Grand View Point Outlook in the Island in the Sky.
This is a 2 mile hike where you can see a panoramic view along the cliffs edge.
This is a popular place to watch the sunset.

Grand View Point Outlook!
This was so beautiful.
We don't have the best camera so you can't really tell how high up we are. The altitude is about 6,000 ft and it overlooks thousands of miles of canyons.

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Taylor and Cami Weight said...

Bethany! I blog stalked you through Andrea Wells :) I didn't know you guys liked to camp...we'll all have to go together sometime! Tay and I love camping. And by the way, Paul is so cute! (I'm also very impressed with your cake decorating abilities!)